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The Timber

Locally sourced, sustainable wood is used in our Workshops.  We source from local woodland, timber yards and on our travels around the UK, often in Scotland.


A range of cherry, beach, oak and plane is used, depending on whats available.


The Carving Tools

We use the beautiful, hand-crafted, Ben Orford knives. These are high quality tools, made by Ben Orford in his workshop in Herefordshire.

The sloyd knife (pictured) is used for straight grain carving.


The crook knife is used for carving the bowl of the spoon.

We are also stockists of his tools.

Single Beeswax Jar-Aug'19 c'

The Finishing Tools

Sanding:  The final sanding stage is where your object comes to life and you finally reveal the hidden beauty of the wood grain and smoothness of your object. 

4 or 5 different grades of sandpaper are used and the final sanding can be quite an addictive process.  We start with a rough 80 grit sandpaper and work up to 600 for a really smooth finish.

Oiling:  A mix of linseed and beeswax is used to oil your finished product.  This gives it a beautiful sheen and ensures it will last for years to come.

info@findlayswoodcarving or call 07866 592 677 to book or for more information.
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