We cannot tell you just how much we enjoyed our morning with you, Bruno and Friday (the rabbit). 
It was a magical experience and we loved every moment of it.  It was a bit like going into another parallel universe, I think that it may have been a bit to do with Friday.  Bruno was so sweet ,patient and very rightly proud of you and you are a wonderful teacher, as Emma said, "he is so very kind and he taught us so much about trees “
We absolutely love our butter knives, even if mine looks like a fish inspired subliminally I am sure by your wondrous fish.  I would love to make some fish!

A perfectly blissful morning was spent with Adam and his delightful young apprentice Bruno.  Three hours of careful, calm instruction given by Adam whose passion for his craft was infectious.  A skilled cabinet maker, Adam’s understanding of wood and natural ability to shape it was inspiring.  Who knew that everyone in our group from age 11 to age 52 would be completely absorbed and come home having made something beautiful out of a log?    We all loved every single minute and recommend it for everyone. It’s so satisfying. 

Alice Morgan #countrypursuitsintown

I wanted to write to say to Adam thank you so much for the workshop.  The children absolutely loved it.  Seriously.  They are each very proud of what they made.  Rock has insisted on going to bed every night with his fiddlestick - as has Ferdy.  

We were in Richmond Park and Rock insisted on bringing his fiddlestick which got lost inside a big tree filled with fallen branches and twigs.  Oh, the upset!  We found it, thankfully.  A miracle.  They were so interested in everything Adam was telling them about wood, and it's fair to say that at least three of them are somewhat obsessed with sandpaper grades now.  


I thought Adam was fab with the children.  I was so impressed with his calm, knowledge, care, sense of humour and kindness.  It was inspiring.  

It was such a great grounding Adam gave us.  We're keen now to do it in a smaller group and maximise our whittling under his supervision.  I will bring back my butter knife to finish with guidance.  Rock wants to make one, too.  Or a wand he thinks.  And I want a fiddlestick!  See - it's captured our imaginations.

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